Imagine You’re Not Too Old To Achieve Your Dream

“I never had a college degree myself so I went back to school when I was sixty-five.”

She leaned on her cane as she made her way down the high school hall. Age had taken it’s toll on her body. I recognized her as a guest (substitute) teacher and had come up to walk beside her.

“How awesome for you to go back to school when you’re older!”

“Yes, I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. I had to take a computer class so I could do my classes.” She chuckled.

“I finally graduated last December. It took me five years to finish. I’m seventy one now but I got my bachelor’s degree.” She beamed with joy and pride.

I stood in awe because of the reality of age limitations. She overcame her fears and obstacles to achieve the desire of her heart.

She inspired me to continue on in the pursuit of my own dreams. As we age, we may go a little slower but like the turtle, we’ll get there!

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