“I heard Mrs. Gibson speak at a “The Successful Writer’s Conference.” She spoke on writers fears and dreams. She addressed the REAL fears we all have, but we don’t always like to admit. This helped tremendously! She connected with me even as a young writer of 15! 

Every thing she expressed to us was authentic and sincere which made me to want to soak up every word. 

Her heart is to help and inspire which is seen in how she willing gives you the tools she has learned to achieve success. I took pages of notes, and I’m so excited to put it all to use! 

Overall, she is an inspiring speaker who cares about helping others reach the dreams God has put in their hearts as writers.” Courtney Buskirk


 “Sharon has amazing stories to tell, and has been through trials that would cripple many. Yet she has persevered and pursued her dreams to help others find their destiny.

Her heart of encouragement and sharing has been such a blessing to me.” Bonnie Burtraw http://www.tradefatforlife.com


Sharon Gibson literally transformed my thinking and mind in how to approach a very difficult and challenging situation. Our family faced with heartbreaking issues. Thanks to Sharon’s knowledge, insight and real-life experiences, she guided us in a very positive, loving and practical way. One of her special skills is her understanding of struggling relationships (adults/teens).

She provided us with invaluable strategies and solutions to work through our challenges and build a stronger family.

Sharon brings a unique dynamic of education, experience and Christian beliefs for which we are incredibly grateful. I am actually energized to work through the darkness and see things in a different light.”  Susan Rello


“My daughter was about to have her first baby and I was so very excited and wanted to be a part of it. My daughter wouldn’t let me buy baby clothes and was pushing me away from having a part of it. I was crushed that she didn’t see why I wanted to be at the hospital when she gave birth.

I talked to Sharon and she listened with empathy and then shared principles and specific strategies for me to try, including looking at the way I approached her. I followed Sharon’s advice and I am happy to report that my daughter opened up her heart.

I now see my grand-daughter whenever I  want and my daughter and I have a wonderful relationship. My granddaughter is one of my greatest joys. I’m grateful for Sharon’s wisdom and help in resolving this conflict.”  A. Hansen


“Sharon got me unstuck! It was so important to me to find and express what she referred to as “My Voice.” I wanted to share the passion and heart behind what I do, why I do it. Sharon helped me get to the point where I could share an authentic, caring, side of myself .

Her gentle, yet, straightforward guidance was exactly what I needed to get the job done. Big, wonderful, thanks to you Sharon! You are a great teacher and a true inspiration!

With Excitement and Gratitude, Patty Rose Slater www.pattyrose.com Dance, Motivation and Fitness for Women and Children

“Sharon Gibson is a very inspiring and authentic. I feel very supported and encouraged by her experience. She has such an amazing way of making big scary things seem very doable. I would recommend her to my clients as well as my closest friends!” Helen Raptoplous, Productivity Coach