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A Game You Always Win ~ Bible Memory

Today I won the centennial badge on the Scripture Typer app for memorizing 100 verses! WOW!

I’ve been using this app for several months so I have slowly built up to this.
I have a lifelong habit of memorizing scripture on 3×5 cards. However, I love the way this app makes memorizing like a challenging game and fun. But in this game, you always walk away, a winner! 🙂
3 Ways You Always Win Memorizing Scripture
1. Gives you brain food. Scientific research shows that your brain actually gets smarter when you memorize.
2. Relieves stress. Memorizing verses about God’s love and care for you, gives you relief from stress and calms anxiety.
3. Increases strength. Memorizing verses is like strength training. As you get wisdom from Scripture, you have greater courage and strength to face and overcome the difficulties in your life.

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A Mothering Longing Fulfilled

Sarai had a longing, a deep longing for children. For a short time, she had not been able to conceive. She poured her mothering heart into two other children and blessed them tremendously. I know because they were my grandsons when they were little.
She and her husband, Erik had decided to adopt before they even married. So they adopted a son in whom they delighted.

Friends and family continued to pray she’d be able to conceive a biological child.

Surprise! Sarai conceived a little girl. Then they wanted to add more children but they experienced heartbreak and then another heartbreak as they lost two babies through miscarriage.

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