Hard Things Are Worth It

I’m enjoying hanging out at our charming Broadway Cafe. I am writing my stories and working on my book,”The Gift of Writing: 10 Ways to Share Your Heart.”

I’m drinking iced tea, caffeine free red rooibos, vanilla and almonds bits. Delicious!

I asked a young woman sitting behind me to take this photo. I found out she’s a camp counselor at New Life Ranch for the summer. She’s going to a university in Texas studying mechanical engineering. She wants to go overseas to help underdeveloped nations with their engineering issues. 16-5-28 Broadway Cafe writing with computer 13267795_10208834082027258_1310929940355884075_n

My heart lit up as she shared her desire, “Go for it! Don’t be afraid to do the hard things. Have you read, ‘Do Hard Things?'”

“No, but I’ve thought about it.”

“Well, I encourage you to read it. Don’t be afraid to go overseas. Your efforts go so much further there because the need is great. Things may be difficult. You may feel like you’re plowing new ground but your efforts to help others will pay off.”

Briefly, I shared stories about the way my parents went into the jungles of Africa to help others. “You can make such a difference. My parents experienced a lot of hardship and wondered if their efforts were worth it. Years later, an elder from the church wrote them and told them, “Your lives were like pebbles in the pond, we still feel the ripples.”

“Awww, what a beautiful story. I guess I better get that book.” She smiled.

“I encourage you to go for your dream because God puts those desires in our hearts for a reason.”

“Thank you! I feel so inspired now!”

What hard things could you do to help others?

The difficulties and sacrifices will be worth it.

Go for it!

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