A Friend Who Always Drags Me Down

Do you feel draggy a lot? Take a look at your sugar consumption.
White sugar and I are not good friends.

Sugar is one friend who always brings me down. LOL! Not only that, sugar is a friend who makes me irritable.

Honestly I got tired of the roller coaster high and then crashes sugar used to take me on. Sugar would have me singing the blues, make my mind fuzzy and leave me to walk around in a mental fog. I do not regret leaving my friendship with sugar.

Today, I made a apple/pecan/cinnamon/raw sugar treat. I had a small portion with some Greek yogurt. Yum!

As I did I reflected on how I used to crave sugar. Now since I’ve been drinking green smoothies, eating more raw food and eating healthier, I rarely crave sugar.

I have a “once in awhile” rule. When I occasionally have some, I try to use raw sugar because it has the minerals left in it to help your body process it. I can eat a small portion and be satisfied.

I’m grateful for wisdom to value my health and to finally have the self discipline to give up the sugar habit. Feeling good. 

Just sharing because I care and maybe my journey will help someone get off the sugar roller coaster.

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