Children Are A Gift No Matter How They Come

I saw a touching sight today. When it’s my turn to serve in my grandson’s Sunday School Class, I always enjoy the 4 and 5-year-olds.

We have two little boys in the class from serious abuse backgrounds who have been adopted. They’re making progress with the love and support of their adoptive family.

Today, the moment the dad came to pick up the boys, one ran to him and the other one looked up with a shout of joy, exclaimed “Daddy!” I looked at my friend, in time to see the tears spring to his eyes.

I understand.

I’ve adopted seven teens.

My heart smiled.


Children are a precious gift whether they come naturally or through adoption. I pray more people will reach out to give children, a forever family.

Today my friend showed the tender heart of our heavenly Father toward these little ones and toward us.

Sometimes we get abused by the world. When we’re adopted into our Father’s care, tears of gratitude come with our sweet cries of “Daddy” as we run to the safety of his arms.


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