With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Freedom. What do you think about when you hear the word, freedom?

I used to think that freedom meant doing what I wanted. Then I realized that freedom only comes when I set limits and say no to things that are not good for me and even harmful to myself or others.

As I think about the freedom that comes from discipline, what we watch and think comes to mind. I believe as individuals we need to exercise restraint in how much we focus on darkness, harmful and destructive behavior simply for the sake of sensationalism or because we’re bored or curious.

When we as individuals give attention to dark influences, they influence our thinking and our actions.

With freedom comes responsibility. We have a responsibility to focus on those things that help make the world a more peaceful and better place. We have the responsibility to bring light to darkness and show people how to live loving and good lives.

Freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever we want. Freedom means wisdom to discern between light and dark and to chose the light.


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