Stay Out of the middle of a Quarrel

“Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears
is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own.”

Have you ever jumped into the middle of a quarrel and later realized it wasn’t your problem to solve? In the meantime maybe someone turned around and attacked you and you got hurt.

Wisdom comes when you know what is your responsibility to fix and what is not. People need to settle their own issues with each other. If you care about the individuals involved it’s not easy to stay out of the middle but it’s wisdom that protects you.

From a writing standpoint I love how this writer used a great word picture to communicate this wisdom.

Would you grab a stray dog by the ears? In the same way you wouldn’t grab a stay dog so be wise enough not to jump in the middle when friends or family members are quarreling. Proverbs 26:17 (NIV)

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