Riches in Unexpected Places

Riches in Unexpected Places

Long lines of people wrapped around the store while we checked and bagged hour after hour. I had taken a job in addition to guest (substitute) teaching to supplement my income at a local thrift store.

We had a birthday sale with everything 50% off at the Potter’s House thrift store.
The demands were intense and stressful but I had so many special moments and blessings. I saw people from the community I haven’t seen in a long time. One friend came up and held out her hand to pat me affectionately.

Another fifth-grade student shouted and waved, “Mrs. Gibson!” Later when I walk to the back of the store, she came up, grabbed me and gave me a hug.

One college girl said after her purchase, “I can’t believe I got all that for so little! I always feel like a winner when I go to Potter’s House!”
What a joy to be able to see people get really nice baby, kids and adult clothes, kitchen and office stuff, furniture etc for so little!

I got to wait on and help Violet, One of my favorite little old ladies. She’s 85 years old and still working full time at Walmart as a greeter. She continually inspires me!

After I got off work, I had a meaningful conversation with a teacher I have substituted for and hadn’t seen for a while. Then I saw a dear friend and her daughter and had an enjoyable conversation with them.

So many blessings, I cannot even count them all. In the midst of stressful situations, I try to look for those moments of joy and all the good things. Today I found them everywhere I looked.

Who would think that working at a thrift store would bring so many riches and blessings!

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