Reluctant Worker Finds Unexpected Blessings

I pulled the covers over my head this morning because I did not have a morning assignment. I did not want to get up and go to work! I’ve had a heavy workload recently between school and the thrift store and needed some rest. 

I spent much of the morning doing chores and listening to verses about how God gives us strength and about the way the Lord comforts us. 

Then I needed to get ready for an afternoon assignment at the high school. In my prayers, I called forth blessings for the day and prayed that God would direct his love through me and to me and accomplish His purposes. 

When I got to the lunchroom, my heart jumped for joy when I saw two of my favorite guest teachers. I enjoyed eating with them. 

I arrived at the classroom and a young man learned I would be his guest (substitute) teacher, he grinned and gave me a high five. I saw another boy I knew at middle school who had been troubled. I’d developed a relationship with him over the years. I’d prayed for him to find something positive and a sense of purpose. Now he’s in the tenth grade. He greeted me enthusiastically as he shared a new job in an area of interest for him. My heart filled with joy as I saw the way God answered my prayers for him to turn him around.

In the class, I’ve had many of these students since middle school and so they know I support them in staying focused and being diligent in their school work. One boy gave me a little push back, and I reminded him that to gain respect, you need to be respectful. He calmed right down, and I noticed on his paper, he’d written, “Stay focused.”  

The class behaved very well, and I complimented them on this. Later, when I walked down the hall to leave, I spotted a couple of students walking with a teacher, “Mrs. Gibson!” They called out to me, so I turned and waved. I saw the teacher later, and she said, “Those girls said you were their favorite guest teacher. I agreed and told them you’re awesome.” She smiled.  

“Well, thank you for saying that. I needed to hear this today!” 

I talked on the phone with a staff member who has cancer and learned the great news that the cancer was under control due to our prayers! 

After work, I had a meaningful conversation with another member of the staff. She encouraged me and shared the great news of her son’s turn around who I had also prayed for. 

What was that I said about not wanting to go to work today? 
When you take time to care and share and others express care, it brightens up any day. Let’s make the world a better place by showing care for each other! 

#loveoneanother, #loveteaching 

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