My Tribute to My Cat and the Lessons She Taught

Last week we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Calico Persian cat, Callie. She reigned in our house with her regal beauty for fourteen years and as cats often do, set her own terms for our interaction with her. Caring for her was not without it’s challenges since she didn’t like to be brushed, a necessary routine for a Persian. I was the only one she’d tolerate and I mean tolerate and even that involved holding her firmly so she couldn’t escape.

I’d try to tell her that this is one of the costs of being beautiful. She didn’t buy it and responded with hisses when she got tired of the comb pulling at her long fur.

Though she was a indoor cat, she had a sense of adventure and gave us several scares by somehow escaping outside when we didn’t notice.

One time she was gone for over a month. We feared we’d lost her to the woods and the coyotes where we lived. However, I kept praying and hoping she’d come home. Sure enough she did, twigs caught everywhere in her tangled fur, dirty and skinny but she came back. We welcomed her with open arms, fed and cleaned her up with gratitude and joy for her return.

She didn’t like to be held so we had to learn to love her how she wanted, to give her the space she desired and pet her as much as she would allow.

She taught us many lessons in responsibility, team work, patience and love being willing to give space. She was a high maintenance cat but when we’d gaze upon her beauty, we knew she was worth it.

We shed tears as we petted her in love one last time, listened to her purr and watched her close her eyes in the contentment of knowing we loved her. The tears come again as I write this. Only those with furry friends understand because they know our pets are truly our friends. 

Goodbye Callie, we’ll miss you but the lessons you taught us and your beauty will remain in our hearts forever.

We give thanks to God for creating such beauty and gifting us the comfort of our furry friends.

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