My Hair Loss Recovery

“Oh no! What am I going to do?”
In January, my hair fell out in chunks like the picture shows, four or five chunks at a time, every time I washed my hair
. In the morning when I woke up, hair covered my pillow and my hairbrush was full of hair. After several weeks, I began to notice thinning and even bald spots on my head.
I panicked!
Finally, I decided to go see my doctor. “What is going on? What can I do?”
He told me that it was probably because I was so sick a couple of months ago. In November,
I had a severe case of pneumonia.

He sent me to a dermatologist who confirmed that this happens after a severe illness. I later found out that many who had COVID also had hair loss issues. The doctor only had a recommendation for a medicine that had side effects. I didn’t want to go that route,so I started researching natural solutions.

I did a lot of research about what helps with hair loss and how to grow new hair. Within a couple of months of implementing these supplements, my hair began to grow back. Not only did it grow back, it came in thick and curly!

Here are the various supplements I discovered from my research that help with hair growth. These are the best quality I have found for the price.
This is a disclaimer. I get a very small percentage from the sale of these.
This helps with the time and effort I put into research, and gathering this information. This is definitely an investment, but having more hair is so worth the investment! 

Omega 3 Many people take fish oil supplements for healthy hair. As per a study, women who take fish oil along with antioxidants have increased hair density. Fish oil benefits the hair follicles by increasing the blood flow to the follicles, leading to an increased supply of nutrients. This action will promote hair growth. This is also proved in a study, where women who applied fish oil had more hair growth. My beautician said to me once, “What have you been using on your hair? I see all this new growth.” Click here to buy the one that has helped me with hair growth.
Pumpkin seed oil Click here to buy pumpkin seed oil.
Pumpkin Seed Oil contains omega-3s, essential fatty acids, zinc, vitamin E, Vitamin K, and phytosterol — which is great for collagen production. Pumpkin Seed Oil is a great hair moisturizer that nourishes hair follicles and can promote hair thickness and hair count.
In the study, men with pattern baldness took either pumpkin seed supplements or a placebo. The results showed those who took supplements experienced 30 percent more hair growth than those who received the placebo. These findings rocketed pumpkin seed oil to the forefront among natural hair growth promoters. 
Zinc is an essential mineral that helps boost your immune system. Zinc can help in certain types of hair loss. In fact, when I experienced hair loss due to a medication, my doctor recommended that I take Zinc. I especially like Zinc with Quercetin because Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant. This combination of Zinc and Quercetin is the one I take after researching the best one.
A Magnesium deficiency can also contribute to hair loss. Additionally, I recently had brittle fingernails that kept breaking. I started taking a liquid form of magnesium Mega-Mag 400 mg Liquid Magnesium Chloride
because it gets into your body quickly. I put it in an empty capsule so I didn’t taste it. I use the NOW brand of capsules. My nails grew into a healthy length.
Emerald Labs Women Folic acid, biotin, zinc, vitamin B, and vitamin D are good for hair growth. I found a vitamin complex that has an organic raw food proprietary blend and probiotics that is especially formulated for women. Click here to buy it.

Coconut oil is often said to be the best oil to use on your hair to reduce protein loss and keep it looking healthy. Given the current popularity of coconut oil, this would be easy to dismiss as a trend.

However, there is some evidence behind this claim. One older study published in 2003 examined the effects of applying coconut, sunflower, or mineral oil to hair before or after washing (3Trusted Source). To see which oil was best for protecting hair health, the researchers measured the amount of protein the hair lost after each of these treatments. They found that coconut oil was better at preventing protein loss than both the mineral and sunflower oils when applied either before or after the hair was washed.

In fact, coconut oil came out on top in all of their studies and reduced protein loss in hair that was undamaged, bleached, chemically treated, and UV exposed. Click here to buy organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. You can put it all over your hair before washing it.

Grapeseed oil has a lot of benefits for hair. This is an alternative to coconut oil. According to, Grapeseed oil contains a potent combination of vitamin E, flavonoids, polyphenols, and linoleic acid, which all promote healthy hair growth and scalp health. Rub it in before washing your hair. You can also use it lightly to calm the frizzies. Click here to buy it.

To give my hair body, I use Young Living volume Lavender shampoo. Click here to buy. This lasts several months for me because I have short hair. I also use Young Living volume conditioner and it lasts a lot longer because it’s thick and you don’t need much each time. Click here to buy. These products amaze me because they take my hair from limp to full body!

In addition to Grape Seed oil, I put Genesis hand lotion by Young Living on my hair before washing it. Genesis hand lotion is a rich hair mask that gives deep moisture to your hair. Click here to buy it. Sometimes, I use coconut oil. If I remember, I put it on the night before with a shower cap to sleep. This really helps to cut down on the frizz!

One last thing that made a huge difference is spraying my hair twice a day with a hair growth tonic. I use Young Living oils because they are pure.
There is no FDA standard for essential oils so many essential oils are diluted with chemicals. You don’t want to be using essential oils with chemicals when your hair is in a fragile condition. Here is the recipe with links to my Young Living account. This is an investment to begin with, but the oils will fill several bottles. I figured less than $10 a bottle and it lasts for several weeks depending on how much you use.
30 drops of Lavender Click here to buy.
30 drops of Rosemary Click here to buy.
30 drops of Cedarwood Click here to buy
Put this in 4 oz of pure witch hazel in a 4 oz spray bottle. Click here to buy the 4 oz spray bottles.

As I stated earlier, this is an investment to begin with, but it’s investment in your health as well as your hair. As you get these nutrients into your body, you’re going to be healthier and your hair will hopefully come back in fuller and thicker as it did for me.

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