Each Kindness Matters and Changes Lives

“Hi Mrs. Gibson,” a couple of sixth grade girls waved at me as I walked down the hall. I had an assignment as a substitute teacher for 6th grade science.

“What are you guys doing? Are you having a party?” I noticed all the kids in the classroom over lunch.

“No, we’re part of the kindness squad.”

“Kindness squad? What is the kindness squad?”

“We do kind things. We have two groups. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do different kindness projects.” They pointed to the classroom.

“That sounds awesome! What kind of kind things do you do?”

“Like leave kind notes in someone’s locker, smile and say hi, talk to someone, hold the door, help them clean up. When kids do this, we give them a reward.” Later, the teacher explained they had a Bingo game for each classroom to keep track of kind acts. Then they gave them a little reward.

“I love this idea!”

They nodded. “Our teacher had the idea because she thought our school needed to be a kinder place.”

One boy standing close by spoke up, “I was kind of forced into it.”

“Really? Why?” I turned to talk to him.

“Because I have a tendency to bully and the kids thought it would help me.”

“So what kind of things have you been doing?”

“Saying hi, talking to others, holding the door.”

“Has it helped you?”

“Yes, it helps with my depression.”

My heart went out to him, “I know that’s true because when I’ve struggled with depression, it’s helped me feel better to help others. Can I give you a pat on the back?” Instead he reached out and gave me a hug.🙂

Later I talked to Ms. Bond, the teacher who organized it. “I want them to realize that what they do has a ripple effect. I want them to know that every little thing they do has an impact on someone else. When they are kind, that will cause someone else to be kind and on it goes.”

I love the insight this teacher has and is passing on to her students by making acts of kindness something fun to do.  Kindness is a win/win. You feel better when you’re kind and the one you’re kind to feels better. “One of the wisest men who lived, King Solomon, said, “Those who are kind benefit themselves.” Proverbs 11:17 (NIV)

I wrote a book that encourages kindness in the form of writing notes, tributes and stories to let people know you appreciate them. Check it out here. “The Gift of Writing: 10 Ways to Share Your Heart, Nurture Your Relationships and Leave a Legacy.”

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