How to Overcome Evil

How do we respond to evil in the world, such as mass shootings, murders, and human cruelty?

We don’t deny the intense pain which results.

We grieve deeply.

In the midst of that grief, we gain power and hope by renewing our efforts to do good, to release love, kindness and compassion in a greater measure to our families, communities and the world.

David, the psalmist had good insight into a healthy response to evil when he wrote Psalm 37:1-3. He advises us not to fret because of evildoers but to instead trust in the Lord and do good.

The response to evil is to do good.

Renew your commitment by showing love with good deeds such as this move to release kindness in memory of the people who lost their lives.

When we choose this response, we can overcome evil because good overcomes evil.

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