How to Find Peace in Stress ~ Even in an Earthquake

Do you ever have days where you feel a little nervous and on edge? Perhaps you’re worried about a relationship issue or family situation. Maybe it’s an issue at work or you’re like a friend of mine, Lucille Zimmerman, who shared on Facebook that she felt this way about her book in the publishing process. How do you manage stress and how do you find relief from stress and anxiety?

How do you overcome fear?

Sometimes that edgy feeling can come from a trauma from nature. As my sister and I enjoyed lunch, suddenly her high rise building in downtown San Diego began to shake and sway as a 5.5 earthquake hit a town ninety miles away. Immediately I began to pray Psalm 91, which I’ve memorized and pray almost daily to call on God’s protection. Praying Psalm 91 out loud helped to calm our fears.

The earthquake hit us three times that day, shaking the building and our nerves.

Since this was my first time and we were on the high levels of my sister’s condo, the earthquake unnerved me and I no longer felt safe. Even though the earthquake stopped, we had aftershocks and tremors which unsettled me further.

A couple of days after, I kept feeling like things were moving though they were not. Even when I sat at my desk, I felt the rocking of the building.

Research online told me emotional trauma is normal after an earthquake because your sense of safety is threatened. So I prayed this prayer, “God, I don’t want to be stressed like this. Please bring my heart to a place of peace and rest.”

I had prayed this prayer many times in troubled relationship issues, work situations and other things which disturbed my heart. The prayer had worked for me before, so I hoped it would this time as well. I did not like the jittery feelings.

That evening, my sister and I walked down by the San Diego harbor. My eyes caught sight of a woman pushing a stroller and a man carrying their baby, sound asleep, secure in his father’s arms.

Immediately my heart knew the message my Father sent me. He would carry me in his arms and things would be okay.

Later back in the condo, I had to be intentional about fighting this fight of faith by bringing my thoughts back to that visual and also Psalm 91. Any time fear rose up, the picture my Father gave me came to mind and my heart came to a place of peace and rest.

God knows us and knows how to calm us. This is one of the things I love about Him.

How about you when you feel stressed? Would you like your heart come to a place of peace and rest? Your Father knows you and when you ask Him, He will know exactly what you need to come to a place of peace.

“The Lord gives strength to his people, and the Lord blesses his people with peace.” Psalm 29:11 (NIV)

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