Give Thanks For Small Acts of Kindness

Yesterday when I shopped in our local grocery store, right when I needed something. a sales clerk rounded the corner and asked, “Are you finding everything?”

I smiled, “You appeared at the right time because I’m actually looking for. . .” and I told her what I needed.

She immediately said, “Well this is over here. I’ll take you there,” Then she told me where the other item was. After I finished with┬áthe first one and walked into the main aisle, she came out to make sure I got to the right place for the second item.

“Thank you so much for being so helpful!” I told her.

Sometimes we overlook these small gifts of care and fail to recognize and acknowledge them. Our culture doesn’t necessary put a high value on sales clerk but they can make or break your day by the way they treat you.

When they smile and show their care I thank them and encourage them to let them know they’re making a valuable contribution. Gratitude for the small acts of kindness is important.

Though I may never see her again, for a few moments, kindness touched both our lives.

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