How to Find Strength in Weakness

Today, I called Leola, a friend of mine to see about getting together. When she answered the phone she shared,

“I’ve been in the hospital for several days and am now home. I had an asthma attack that I could not handle.”

Since she is in her eighties, this especially concerned me.¬†“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry to hear this!”

“Thank you, but I see God’s purposes in it. I got to pray with some nurses and the Lord revealed some things to me while I lay there in my hospital bed.”

“Would you mind if I asked what the Lord revealed to you?” I inquired. I know she is a wise woman and I love to¬†discover and glean wisdom of those who know and seek the Lord.

“When I first went to the hospital, I determined not to murmur and complain but to focus on what the Lord was doing in the situation. When I felt like complaining, I would turn my attention to what I was grateful for. I played worship music and didn’t turn on the TV so I could keep my mind on the Lord. The nurses said it was their favorite room to come into. I guess they sensed the peace and presence of the Lord.”

She continued on, “I had to discipline my mind and take every thought captive because sometimes when I couldn’t breathe, I would get anxious. But I know that every breath is from the Lord and I could see how God orchestrated everything. Sometimes it’s an hour by hour battle.”

“Do you ever get tired of the fight?”

She chuckled, “Yes but you have to keep on pressing in because you know you’re strengthening your spirit.”

“That’s interesting you found some purpose in that battle because you’re strengthening your spirit. This helps you feel like you’re gaining something from the fight.”

“Yes, you need to know that God is accomplishing His purposes in all of this.”

Her willingness to fight in her physical weakness strengthened me in my willingness to fight my own battles in my areas of weakness. Regardless of how weak we may feel physically or emotionally or in any other way, we can strengthen our spirits by focusing on the Word of God, praise and worship and the love of God for us.

When we start to feel anxious this focus helps us find a place of peace and the strength to endure hardship.

“The Lord gives strength to His people. The Lord blesses His people with peace.” Psalm 29:11 (NIV)

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