Delicious Keto, Gluten-Free Pancake or Mug Cake Mix with Stevia

“Yum, that is so delicious!” My sister exclaimed when I shared a fiber-rich, gluten-free, sugar-free pancake with her. “I can’t believe it’s gluten free and so healthy. Please send me that recipe! I have other pancake mixes, but this one kept me regular while you were here. I haven’t been regular in the three days since you left!” 😉

I decided I would share it here as well, in case someone else wanted to try it. As she said, this is good to eat daily to keep you regular. This will also fill you up so it helps with weight management and weight loss. This mix is also keto friendly and uses a pure form of stevia rather than sugar so it’s sugar-free.  It’s also gluten-free. A friend of mine had given a version of it to me and I adjusted it to fit my taste and dietary needs.

You can do the same. If you don’t want it sweet, you can leave out the stevia and cinnamon. Then, it’s more like a biscuit. You can also put fruit such as blueberries in it.

You need to buy the bulk ingredients. To make it easy for you, I listed them here from Amazon. I chose the best quality for the lowest prices. Once you buy the bulk, you will get several mixes out it. Then you make the keto sugar-free pancake or mug cake from the mix.

Delicious Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto Pancakes or Mug Cakes with Stevia
Recipe is below the ingredients.

Flax Seed meal, click here to buy
Almond flour, click here to buy
Coconut flour, click here to buy
Baking powder click here to buy
Rumford is the best because it doesn’t have aluminum.
Cinnamon click here to buy
I’ve tried different kinds of cinnamon, and the Vietnamese is one of the best.
Stevia, click here to buy
Stevia can have a bitter taste, or it’s not pure. It’s mixed with erythritol and other things. I did a lot of research on this and this is the best tasting stevia and it’s pure.
If you’re not sensitive to sugar, you could use regular sugar, raw sugar would be better or
Coconut sugar, click here to buy White sugar is not good for you. The nice thing about Stevia is that it has zero calories.

Strainer, click here to buy
You need a strainer to sift the almond, coconut flour, baking powder, and stevia. Don’t skimp on this. Otherwise, it’s much harder to get the lumps out and it won’t mix as well. The strainer is not that expensive, only about $5.

I absolutely love these OXO pans for non stick cooking. They cost a little more but they last longer and they don’t peel like other non stick pans. They are great for pancakes! Click here.

I like to use wooden spoons and spatulas when I cook and here is a lovely set. Click here.

If you love pretty mugs like I do, check these out by Pioneer Woman. The mugs for the mug cake work better when they’re wide. Click here.

Here’s a lovely Pioneer Woman cannister with red flowers to hold your keto pancake and mug cake mix. Click here.

Or you could get this set of three containers and store some of the extra flour or other things in these. Click here.

Then you may want coffee or tea with the pancake or mug cake. Check out this beautiful rose stainless steel tumbler. Click here.

Here’s the recipe for the mix:
In a mixing bowl, combine
1 cup flax seed meal
1 cup of coconut flour
1 cup of almond flour
8 teaspoons of baking powder
3 teaspoons of stevia or 1/4 cup plus 2 TB of sugar, depending on how sweet you want.
1 teaspoon of salt
1 TB cinnamon

Mix this all thoroughly over and over until all the ingredients are blended.

For an individual pancake:
Crack two eggs and beat vigorously.
Add 1/3 cup of mix and blended well.
Add 1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk.
Mix well.
Put cold press virgin coconut oil in pan and heat.
Add the pancake mixture and wait for bubbles to appear
on top of the pancake. Keep the heat low so the pancake
cooks in the middle. Once the pancake has bubbles,
you can flip it. Cook a short time and turn off the heat,
it will finish cooking itself.

For a mug cake:
1 TB of coconut oil in a mug and melt in the microwave.
1 egg beaten well
1/4 cup of pancake mix and stir well.
Cook in microwave for 1 minute.

This will make you go so you may want to eat only 1/2 pancake or 1/2 mug cake a day depending on your weight! 🙂 Larger people may easily eat one per day. Experiment.
It’s up to you!

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