Beauty in Character ~ How to Have More Beauty

“You’re styling. You look fabulous!” I complimented my young friend at a recent graduation party. She loves the latest styles and has a creative touch in the way she dresses. On her limited budget, she searches for sales and local resell shops to put together the cutest outfits.

Her mother, a friend of mine, always looks like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. I enjoy their expression of creativity and beauty in the way the way mother and daughter express their individuality in their dress.

On the other hand, I have a friend who thinks all the focus on style and fashion is ridiculous. She doesn’t bother with it, but she has the most beautiful heart to listen to and to care for others. I purposely affirm these beautiful qualities I see in her.

When I go to the grocery store and I glance at the checkers, I don’t look for the one who is best dressed. I look for the woman with her grey hair tied back in a bun who consistently has a cheery greeting and a pleasant smile. I always feel a lift after going through her line.

I make a point to tell her, “I enjoy your cheerful, friendly attitude.” Or I’ll say, “I got the right checker, the pleasant one.” She always beams.

Reflecting on this, I wonder what we’ve done to ourselves as a culture. Styles come and go but the beauty of character is ageless, style resistant and doesn’t cost anything except effort. What if we started complimenting each other when we see kindness, love or gentleness?

We have a tendency to do more of what is valued and affirmed. If we want more beauty in character in the world, what if we started a new trend and focus by affirming the beauty of kindness, gentleness and goodness?

I’m going to be even more intentional about affirming inner beauty. How about you? Do you want to be a trendsetter with me? Join me and let’s see what happens.

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