An Unending Source of Strength

Is it hard for you to get up in the morning?

Do you need seven cups of coffee to keep energized for the day? Maybe it’s not coffee but some other substance you depend on. 

My friend, Sue told me, “I need several cans of coke a day to keep me going. Then sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I had too much. The problem is I can’t get through the day without it.”

Do you feel yourself start to lag in the afternoon and wonder how you can make through the day?  Maybe there are driving pressures at work, difficult people you live or work with that drain your energy. 

Do the various demands of life drain the energy out of you?
Work? School? Parenting?
Fighting an illness?  Caring for others who are sick? Caring for others in ministry?

Maybe you’re going through a storm in your life and it’s draining your energy.
Fatigue is a common experience. Everyone has it at one time or another.

What do you do?

How do you manage your stress and anxiety?
What can you do to find stress relief?
Where can you find strength?

Good news.

A source of strength is available to all who seek it.
An endless supply.

Who has it?

The Lord has strength and He is more than willing to give it to you.
He is the highest Ruler with an never ending supply of strength.
He wants to share it with you.  

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and
yet He has tenderhearted compassion for you.  

He is the everlasting God and yet He is always there for you~
always adequate and always has more than enough to give you.  

Pause and think about this statement until you grasp this truth.
Someone is always there for you. 

This focus will help you relieve stress.

Other people are limited in what they can give us.
Everyone has their limitations and cannot always be depended on.

But God.

Do you understand this?
Grab a hold of this truth.

God has an unlimited supply of strength to give you and
He wants to share it with you.

 “The Lord gives strength to His people.
The Lord blesses His people with peace.” Psalm 29:11 (NIV 1984)


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