3 Steps to Create Something New Out of Difficult Situations

Would you like better health, more provision, less stress, or improved relationships? Do you wish you could find hope, create something new, or reverse a bad situation into something good? Do you worry about the way the world is going?

If so, read on ~

There’s hope!

God as Creator grabbed my attention in a fresh new way this new year. In my Reading Through the Bible Facebook group, we read Genesis 1 today. I’m struck by how God created something out of nothing.

There was no form to the earth.

There was a void, and it was dark.

God spoke and said, “Let there be light.”

Sometimes, in our lives, things are dark and empty either because of the poor choices we’ve made or others have made which hurt us.

We see harmful things happen to the ones we care about or to other people in the world. Choices have consequences and sometimes things can look pretty dark and hopeless because of those choices. Sometimes things can be difficult through no fault of our own but simply because of harmful things which are out of our control.

However, we can invite the Spirit of God to come and hover over us in our empty dark situations and the situations of those we love, as God did when He created the earth.

Through His Spirit, He speaks into the dark places. Then Light shines into the darkest places and something new is created.

Would you like to be able to bring some hope, something good and new to your situations? Here are some steps you can take.

3 Steps to Create Something New

  1. Listen. We need to be intentional about listening to the Spirit of God and what He wants to create in our dark situations and those of others. Take time out of your busy schedule to be quiet and listen. Calm yourself so you can hear what God may say to you.
  1. Seek. We need to seek the wisdom which comes from above, from God. We can ask God for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to come into the situation.  Proverbs tells us wisdom formed the earth. The new in our situations or others comes from seeking God’s wisdom, reading the Bible or talking to people who seek God and His wisdom.
  1. Act. We may need to change the choices we’re making. Change usually comes when we do something different. Once we receive a word or direction from God, then we need to do our part to bring it into being through our prayers, our actions and our words.

We can co-create with God something new and bring light and hope into the darkness. When we do, the darkness is transformed and something new and beautiful is created in the same way the earth was created out of darkness.

God is always willing and wants to do something new. He has given us the responsibility to rule over the earth and is waiting for us to seek Him to rule with us in our challenging situations. 

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He created something out of nothing and He can do it again, over and over, any day of the year.

Anytime and in any situation, we can go back to “In the beginning, God created. . .” and become a co-creator of something new by simply following the above three steps.

How about you? Does this give you hope? Share with us in the comments below.



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