How Cleaning Up Crayons Makes You Strong

What does cleaning up crayons have to do with growing stronger?

My grandsons scattered crayons all over the floor as they colored, ran off and left the mess.

I yelled after them, “Come on over and clean up this mess you made and put the crayons back.”

They protested.

“Come on, it makes you strong to clean up your own messes. So come over here and get strong by taking responsibility to clean up your mess.”

They ran to the mess of crayons all over the floor and started putting them away.

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Beauty in Character ~ How to Have More Beauty

“You’re styling. You look fabulous!” I complimented my young friend at a recent graduation party. She loves the latest styles and has a creative touch in the way she dresses. On her limited budget she searches out the sales and local resell shops to put together the cutest outfits.

Her mother, a friend of mine always looks like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. I enjoy their expression of creativity and beauty in the way the way mother and daughter express their individuality in their dress.

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3 Steps to Create Something New Out of Difficult Situations

Would you like better health, more provision, less stress or improved relationships?  Do you wish you could find hope, create something new or reverse a bad situation into something good? Do you worry about the way the world is going?

If so, read on ~

There’s hope!

God as Creator grabbed my attention in a fresh new way this new year. In my Reading Through the Bible Facebook group, we read Genesis 1 today. I’m struck by how God created something out of nothing.

There was no form to the earth.

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How to Overcome Evil

How do we respond to evil in the world such as the massacre of 26 children and teachers at Sandy Hook school in Newton, Connecticut?

We don’t deny the intense pain which results.

We grieve deeply.

In the midst of that grief, we gain power and hope by renewing our efforts to do good, to release love, kindness and compassion in a greater measure to our families, communities and the world.

David the psalmist had good insight into a healthy response to evil when he wrote Psalm 37:1-3. He advises us not to fret because of evil doers but to instead trust in the Lord and do good.

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You Don’t Need to be Sick, Weak and Poor

God does not need you sick, weak and poor to keep you dependent on Him.

This belief system is a lie perpetuated by the enemy of your soul who wants to steal, kill and destroy you.

Instead God comes to you when you’re sick, weak and poor to heal, strengthen and prosper you.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


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The Joy of Life is Ageless

My sister and I sat in the lovely outdoor setting of the Carlsbad Inn in California gazing at the flowers and enjoying lively music from the sixties.

Suddenly, a woman with grey hair who looked to be about 75 rounded the corner. Her bright pink shirt covered her protruding tummy as she swayed from side to side to the music. She walked/danced in rhythm with the beat as she made her way to her family gathered on the lawn under the umbrella. The look of joy on her face captivated me and drew me to her charm.

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How to Find Peace in Stress ~ Even in an Earthquake

Do you ever have days where you feel a little nervous and on edge? Perhaps you’re worried about a relationship issue or family situation. Maybe it’s an issue at work or you’re like a friend of mine, Lucille Zimmerman who shared on facebook, that she felt this way over her soon to be published book. How do you manage stress and how do you find relief from stress and anxiety?

How do you overcome fear?

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How To Pesevere When You Feel Like Giving Up

Have you ever been excited because of a dream or a promise God spoke to your heart. Maybe even you “saw” it and believed confidently it could happen.

Now, time has gone by and you haven’t seen the result you desired. Is your flame of faith beginning to flicker?

Have you started to wonder if those dreams and promises would come true after all? Maybe your circumstances seem the opposite of what you first believed was possible.

I can relate to this challenge. At different times in my life, I’ve been in situations where I wanted to give up. Even now, I wonder if some dreams and promises will ever come true.

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How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Regret

Do you ever feel sorry because of things you did or didn’t do? Do you ever wish you could change things that happened in the past?

Most of us do.

We’ve made some mistakes we regret. In some way we’ve fallen short of all we wanted to do and be and all God wants for us. We fail to live up the ideal. The original Greek word for sin simply means to fall short. We all can admit to falling short in some area of our lives.

Now when we think about those things we can sometimes get stuck, living in regret.

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A Father Can Be A Place of Refuge

What kind of image do you have of God the Father?
Do you see Him as warm, loving and compassionate or angry and distant?

The last couple of weeks before this Father’s Day, my Father God drew me once again to the truth of who He really is and not my perception of him.

Sometimes we get distorted ideas of who God the Father is because of the imperfections of our own earthly fathers. For years, I thought God was mad at me when I made mistakes, until I read and reflected on this verse,

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